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BunnyLens MF(다초점 인공수정체)

BunnyLens MF(다초점 인공수정체)

SKU: 785180001
  • Model: BunnyLens MF(Aspherical Multifocal IOL)

1. Optic Diameter: 6mm

2. Power range: 10.0 ~ 30.0D

3. Optic Design: Aspheric

4. Addition: +2.25 / +3.0D

5.Lens design: 4 haptic

6.Edge design: 360도

7.Haptic angulation: 5도

8.Material: Hydrophilic 25%

9.Filtration: Violet filtration

10.Refractive index: 1.46

11.YAG laser: compatible

12.A constant: 118.16

13.Placement: Capsule

14.Incision size: 1.8mm

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